Artist Œuvre Release      
Terje Evensen Still You. You still here 2010-06-14 Buy   netalbum
Hans-Udo Kreuels Kompositionen 2007-05-08 Buy    
h/ausmusik a piece a day I (May 2007 - Feb 2008) 2007-05-07   Listen  
pd conception mishka 2006-10-30 Buy Listen  
Aleksander Szram Into the 21st Century 2006-06-01 Buy    
Anthony Green Anthony Green at 60 2006-01-27 Buy    
Schönenbach Projekt Nachtvolk 2005-11-18 Buy    
Hans-Udo Kreuels Chinesische Weisheiten 2005-09-01 Buy    
Douglas Finch Three Pieces for Piano 2004-11-01 Buy    
pd conception phrased silence 2004-09-01 Buy Listen  

Netalbum free template

We’ve started to develop the fonorum netalbum in 2006 and finished it with the release of Terje Evensens’ Still You. You Still Here in 2010. We’ve now decided to make it available for free. You can create your own netalbum with our template, just replace the images with your design and the audio files with your music.

Download fonorum netalbum 1.0

If you have any questions or would like to develop the project, contact us!